Resource Links


  • – this is the main site for all things Calvary Chapel. Read great articles, get inspired by great teaching, or sign up for a conference – it’s all here!
  • Calvary Chapel Sheridan – this is the website for our sister church just up the road in Sheridan. We love Pastor Doc and Joy, and we love all the good info they have on their site. Check it out!
  • Enduring Word – Pastor David Guzik is an AH-mazing Bible teacher, and his website contains audio messages, teaching outlines/notes, and much, much more.  Warning: you might stay up wa-a-a-y too late if you click on this link – too much good stuff!
  • Blue Letter Bible – Do you want to know the meaning of the original Greek or Hebrew word in that passage you are reading? Would you like to compare a specific text across several Gospels, or in multiple translations of the Bible? How about an audio file to help you pronounce some of those unusual Biblical names? If you are a Bible-research nerd, you already know about BLB. If you aren’t, well, just proceed to this site, and you will become one in no time!
  • Shared Blessings International – This international orphan-relief ministry started almost two decades ago when 10 Christian women in Uganda began praying for God to help their small village. Today, SBICM has mission sites in three countries and has made a tremendous difference in the lives of those they serve. The US side is run completely by volunteers who are passionate about spreading the gospel as they relieve poverty. That means ALL of your donations are sent to the in-country mission you select; not one dime is used to pay for administration in the US. You can sponsor a child, pay for a well, put a roof on a school, equip a free medical clinic, and so much more – all in the name of Jesus.
  • Compassion International – With a vision for bringing the lost to Christ as they reduce poverty and suffering around the world, Compassion is probably best known for its child sponsorship program. Consider whether God might be asking you to give up a few luxuries so that a child doesn’t go to bed hungry, or sick, or alone.